WordPress Web Site Development

The Bisenti Technology team provides end-to end services in WordPress Web site design, WordPress template creation and WordPress Web site content integration. Past projects include the creation and development of a WordPress Web site for a talk show on the FM/ AM radio dials, along with integration of a customized blog application that enabled WordPress Web site content editing and the uploading of recorded shows in MP3 format; and migration of a leading educational student travel company’s Web site from a DNN platform to WordPress.

Our WordPress Content Management System suite of services includes: installation and updating of the WordPress Blog tool and publishing platform, to ensure integration with all Web browsers and functionality in terms of WordPress Web site content editing and upload of audio and video content.

We guide our clients through WordPress Theme selection, using well-structured PHP to create the design and functionality of the WordPress site. We customize the Template Files that generate the Web pages of the WordPress site, and deliver content to users. We design and customize Headers that attract and retain users to the WordPress site. We develop a Navigation Menu to move users efficiently around the site. We perform search engine optimization to support maximum WordPress Web site traffic.

Bisenti Technology is adept in integrating blog applications, shopping cart functionality and tracking of consumer orders and questions as features of WordPress web sites.


"Valeria has a deep grasp of database administration and object-oriented programming, and this shows in her work. She does excellent work, efficiently and with a positive attitude. She built a database for searching for international school tours for us, as well as creating the web front end and an administrative panel. Best of all, she built these as modular WordPress plugins, with full API for developers and detailed instructions for end users. We'll be able to reuse the code and repurpose the plugins elsewhere in the enterprise. I would recommend Valeria highly for any future employer or collaborator."

Peter Malcolm
Wed Director

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