• PHP, MySQL and MySQL 5 Programming
    Bisenti Technology has extensive experience using PHP scripting language and MySQL to create easily-navigable and interactive Websites and mobile applications that attract visitors and drive site traffic. Past projects include design and development…
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  • WordPress Web Site Development
    The Bisenti Technology team provides end-to end services in WordPress Web site design, WordPress template creation and WordPress Web site content integration. Past projects include the creation and development of a WordPress Web site for a talk show…
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  • E-Commerce Solutions
    The advent of e-commerce has fundamentally altered the relationship between brand and buyer. Consumers no longer need to set foot in a brick-and-mortar store – they research products, perform price comparisons and make purchases from their desktop…
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  • Data Migration
    When companies are merged or acquired, significant work is needed on the backend, to standardize database functionality in order to ensure a seamless flow of data. Bisenti Technology specializes in helping clients streamline and integrate databases, and migrating data…
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  • Database Development and Implementation
    In order to develop and implement an effective database solution, it is first necessary to identify the organizational segments that will be served. The next step is to define the user base that will access and interact with the database. Next, both…
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  • Application Development Planning and Implementation
    Bisenti Technology’s hands-on project management focus complements our diverse industry knowledge and proven domain expertise, as a trusted custom software development firm. We are sought out by complex businesses looking to streamline their business processes…
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"Valeria has a deep grasp of database administration and object-oriented programming, and this shows in her work. She does excellent work, efficiently and with a positive attitude. She built a database for searching for international school tours for us, as well as creating the web front end and an administrative panel. Best of all, she built these as modular WordPress plugins, with full API for developers and detailed instructions for end users. We'll be able to reuse the code and repurpose the plugins elsewhere in the enterprise. I would recommend Valeria highly for any future employer or collaborator."

Peter Malcolm
Wed Director

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