At the time WorldStrides was partially owned by the Carlisle group, we were hired to help them with their web presence. After buying many companies they needed to consolidate different web-sites into one central place using WordPress. After we completed this effort we helped them import all the different CRM applications into one central database.


National Credit Repair Processing

Our Credit Repair Organization (CRO) clients are some of the most successful retail credit repair companies in the industry. We bring over 14 years of successful retail credit repair experience and technology to your company. Outsourcing your processing to us allows you to concentrate on what’s important – growing your business!


Credit Justice Services

This is a Linux set-up and Web based application. We created a secure Web-based application that lets the company manage their clients’ invoice payments, and generates
PDF-based letters to all 3 credit bureaus and to the creditor. The software chooses the letter that has the highest chance
of having the derogatory removed. I integrated a PayPal shopping cart and Authorize.net shopping cart to keep track of
the payments made to the files. I also created a Multi-Level accounting program for the payment company payment
schedule, and created a full section for people to view internal training videos and also the creation of marketing
material. I developed Multi-User access to the web site, e-signatures and reminders, set up the company on Constant
Contact and coded all the marketing fliers to be sent out for the company, and integrated a blog into the company
website. Coordinated the work between 4 groups of people in different locations, India, Bangladesh, Italy and Germany.
Also met the budget, requirements and delivery of the projects.


Kai Method, LLC

We created a Web site using HTML and JavaScript for Johnson & Johnson with the training material provided by Kai
Method. We created a full a Web site with text, audio and video resources, based on J&J’s specification.


The Doug and Eric Show

We created a Web site and integrated blog system for the client enabling them to edit the site content and upload
recorded mp3 shows.


Freedom Medical Insurance

We created a simple Web site for this insurance company with the content management built in.


Vitamin Distribution

We created a Web site design with integrated videos and newsletter. We also implemented a shopping cart using Authorize.net and created a tracking system for orders.


Ask an Attorney

We created a simple Web design and integrated a shopping cart and also a system for the user to be able to submit a
question. We developed a question tracking system for both administrators and users.


Douglas, Knight & Associates Inc.

Douglas, Knight & Associates Inc. was created specifically to work within the insurance industry and to provide essential services throughout all 50 states.



I worked on the implementation of an online database-driven trivia game for the search engine company. I developed parts of the application using JSP (Java Server Pages), JavaBeans, and PostgreSql. I also developed the layout of the games in HTML.



I worked on and developed the prototype of Real Time Trivia with Interactive TV for AOL. I created the back-end application to handle data for a trivia game that would be played in an application that would appear on TV over the top of a TV program or event.


Golden Girls / Designing Women

I developed trivia games using PHP and PostgreSql. I optimized the database and provided an extra level of security at the database level to prevent cheating. I also optimized the PHP code to handle the thousands of players that entered the web site after the shows ended. I also provided maintenance of the database, mail and web servers during the trivia game.


Corvette 50th Anniversary Trivia

I was also involved in the creation of the database development for the Corvette 50th anniversary trivia.



"Valeria has a deep grasp of database administration and object-oriented programming, and this shows in her work. She does excellent work, efficiently and with a positive attitude. She built a database for searching for international school tours for us, as well as creating the web front end and an administrative panel. Best of all, she built these as modular WordPress plugins, with full API for developers and detailed instructions for end users. We'll be able to reuse the code and repurpose the plugins elsewhere in the enterprise. I would recommend Valeria highly for any future employer or collaborator."

Peter Malcolm
Wed Director

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