Database Development and Implementation

In order to develop and implement an effective database solution, it is first necessary to identify the organizational segments that will be served. The next step is to define the user base that will access and interact with the database. Next, both existing and planned enterprise applications are identified for conversion to the database. With these system and user requirements defined, it is then possible to present a detailed technical and cost proposal for client review.

Bisenti Technology has extensive experience in the full lifecycle of customized database solution development and implementation:

  • Defining and costing out a scope of work
  • Building small, efficient project teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise
  • Development of a database implementation plan and work schedule
  • Database installation, testing and debugging
  • Conversion of existing and new programs and applications
  • Periodic updating and regeneration of database

For a law firm client, we designed a Web site upgrade, using standards-compliant CSS to simplify site maintenance, and implemented a custom database as the backend for Content Management.

For a leading Web search engine, we worked on implementation of an online database-driven trivia game, developing aspects of the application using JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaBeans, and PostgreSQL. We also developed the layout of the game in HTML.

We developed online trivia games around two hit network television sitcoms, using PHP and PostgreSQL; optimized the database and built in an extra layer of security; and provided database maintenance for the duration of the game experience. We separately participated in database development for a trivia game associated with the 50th anniversary of an iconic American automobile.

Bisenti Technology understands that well-executed database development and implementation is the backbone for how business operates, and organizations function. We apply our diverse industry knowledge and domain expertise to building enterprise and mobile applications tailored to the needs of our clients.


"Valeria has a deep grasp of database administration and object-oriented programming, and this shows in her work. She does excellent work, efficiently and with a positive attitude. She built a database for searching for international school tours for us, as well as creating the web front end and an administrative panel. Best of all, she built these as modular WordPress plugins, with full API for developers and detailed instructions for end users. We'll be able to reuse the code and repurpose the plugins elsewhere in the enterprise. I would recommend Valeria highly for any future employer or collaborator."

Peter Malcolm
Wed Director

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