Application Development Planning and Implementation

Bisenti Technology’s hands-on project management focus complements our diverse industry knowledge and proven domain expertise, as a trusted custom software development firm. We are sought out by complex businesses looking to streamline their business processes; reduce their expenses; reconfigure, update or expand existing applications; and access highly-skilled application development resources at a fraction of prevailing industry rates.

Our work on behalf of a wholesale credit repair processing company required coordination of project team members situated in India, Bangladesh, Italy and Germany, in terms of overseeing budget, managing stakeholder requirements and driving delivery of the project.

For a leading subrogation company, Bisenti Technology planned and implemented the shift from a Windows 2000-based network to Linux Rd Hat 7.3. Database migration, application server installation and necessary code conversion was accomplished in a single weekend, minimizing downtime for the client.

On behalf of a client who required a system for maintaining legal information on foreclosed properties, we designed a Web-based application using Linux, with differing tiers of assigned access permissions, quick-search capability and mailing label printing functionality. We also implemented a subscription system, providing access to data on a county or region-specific basis.

For a leading Web search engine, we worked on implementation of an online database-driven trivia game, developing aspects of the application using JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaBeans, and PostgreSQL. We also developed the layout of the game in HTML.

For a multinational manufacturer of medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods, we created a Web site using HTML and JavaScript that integrated text, audio and video content for Web-based training with materials provided by a business strategy consulting firm.

Bisenti Technology is able to work seamlessly across time zones, integrating the requirements of multiple stakeholders and third parties, in producing Web-based, enterprise and mobile applications that are innovative and cost-effective, while minimizing business downtime.


"Valeria has a deep grasp of database administration and object-oriented programming, and this shows in her work. She does excellent work, efficiently and with a positive attitude. She built a database for searching for international school tours for us, as well as creating the web front end and an administrative panel. Best of all, she built these as modular WordPress plugins, with full API for developers and detailed instructions for end users. We'll be able to reuse the code and repurpose the plugins elsewhere in the enterprise. I would recommend Valeria highly for any future employer or collaborator."

Peter Malcolm
Wed Director

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